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 Post subject: ILLINOIS-Protest Congressman Kirk on June 2
PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 12:22 am 
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What: Protest Congressman Mark Kirk.
When: Saturday, June 2, 2007 from 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Where: District Office at 707 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook, IL 60062 (about 1 block north of the intersection of Skokie Blvd. and Dundee Road)

That’s right! Congressional Representative Mark Kirk wants Senator John “The Father of All Amnesty” McCain to be the next President. Kirk has announced that he will be a Co-Chair of Senator McCain’s Illinois campaign committee. The Chicago Minuteman Project denounces John McCain for promoting amnesty and denounces Mark Kirk for supporting John McCain. We expect this to be the first step towards Kirk joining up with the pro-illegal lobby.


I was invited by Rep Steven King of Iowa to speak before the US House of Representative’s Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law. FAIR flew me to DC round trip and paid for my expenses and assisted me with any questions that I had.

We were asked to give five minutes of testimony if front of the Committee, Chaired by Representative Lofgren, with five us speaking on immigration. There were union members from the AFL, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, one Mr. Goldstein speaking for the Farm workers, Dr. Briggs, an immigration expert from Cornell University and Greg Serbon, union pipefitter, and State Director of Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement.

The hearing took two hours with most of the speakers agreeing on the fact that the immigration laws were broken (a no brainier) but only Dr. Briggs and I were against the amnesty being proposed in the Senate.

Before I left for DC the pipefitter’s union contacted me and wanted to know why I was appearing at the hearing at the request of a Republican congressmen. I told the business agent that ANY Congressman against amnesty and the guestworker program is our friend. Well, I guess my explanation wasn't good enough because when I landed in DC I was asked to meet with a representative of the United Association, the national organization for pipefitters and plumbers. After the one hour meeting I was told the UA didn't have a problem with me appearing at the hearing and giving a speech as long as I stated that I was not a representative of the union.

I found out that the AFL supports amnesty (Why I don't know) because deporting all those illegals would be too hard, but the unions do not support the guestworker program. I also found out not all the unions support amnesty so the AFL doesn't speak for everyone, and I will start working on my unions opinion on Tuesday when I go back to work. I was told that the only unions that had any input at the immigration planning stage were the unions that had large immigrant memberships.

Democrat Ted Kennedy didn't want any opinion on immigration that didn't include amnesty or a guestworker program and I can tell you the construction trades unions are very upset! I was told Kennedy will not be receiving any help or support from these unions in the future. I had a two hour meeting with the Senior Administrative Assistant to the General President of the United Association of the pipefitters and plumbers unions, Sean O`Ryan. It seems that Sean thinks America can accept one and a half to two million immigrants into our country every year.

It seems that Mr. O`Ryan thinks that the more immigrants entering America the more money people will make. I asked Mr. O`Ryan what he thinks the social cost mass immigration will place on the taxpayers like ESL, food stamps, incarceration etc? Mr. O`Ryan (who is a very smart man) sat back in his chair looked at me and said that he didn't even give thought to that aspect of the issue. The good news that came out of the meeting was I found out the President of the United Association doesn't believe in amnesty or mass immigration which is great; if only I can get him to speak out against the Senate bill publicly.

I do believe my testimony in Washington opened a few eyes on the union side because in my testimony I stated that the rank and file union worker supports the law enforcement position when it come to immigration.

For all of you in Indiana I did meet with Representative Pete Visclosky, my Federal Rep, and he is against amnesty and the guest-worker program. He stated that with the job loss we are having we do NOT need to be adding more worker's to our country.

If you have any questions or comments I will be back Monday evening to answer them.

Thank you
Greg Serbon

STOP HB 1100

Keep the heat on your Illinois Senator and request their NO vote. To find your Senators contact information click here.



Press 1 when you hear a Spanish message, then Press 1 again to be transferred to your senior Senator's office.
Press 2 when you hear a Spanish message, and you'll be transferred to your junior Senator's office.

Minutemen Midwest
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IFIRE - Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement
Federation for American Immigration Reform: Welcome to FAIR!
Tancredo for President
Immigration Reform Law Institute
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"America will never be destroyed from the outside.
If we falter and lose freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
Abraham Lincoln


For more information, please contact:
Rick Biesada Telephone: 773-771-3927
Website: http://www.chicagominutemanproject.com/
E-mail: chicagominutemanproject@yahoo.com
Chicago Minuteman Project
PO BOX 6148
Lindenhurst, Illinois 60046

The Chicago Minuteman Project is a citizens rights group in compliance with the National Minuteman Standard Operational Procedures. The Chicago Minuteman Project encourages elected public servants to uphold and preserve the United States Constitution through the enforcement of law. The Chicago Minuteman Project is not a racist organization and welcomes participation from all citizens and legal residents of the United States of America. The "racist" label is a tactic frequently used by our opponents in their attempts to end civil discussion of the dangers posed by illegal immigration.

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