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 Post subject: March for America events June 14, 15, 16
PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 7:16 am 
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There's something here for everyone! If you can't go to D.C., you can still organize events in your home town! Take charge! Do something! Spread the word!


You are cordially invited:

The final steps are being put into place for the March For America this
June. Your aid and participation are appreciated to guarantee this will
be a successful and productive event.
Here is the lastest news on the March For America event.

Pre-March/Supportive Events - (Various Groups/Organizations/Individuals)
(Supportive events or actions leading into or co-existing with March For America by various groups/organizations/individuals.)

Patriots Walking - Follow PatriotWatchdog and others as they partake of a 2-
month trek to our nations capital to kick off the March For America.
Million Mother March - http://www.mothersagainstillegalaliens.org/
Step forth with Women and Mothers as they stand up to protect their & their childrens safety and rights.

March For America Information

Official Dates and Times:
Nation Capital (D.C.) June 14,15, 16th, 2007
State Capitals: June 16th, 2007

(See "State Coverage" for contact information and details about official State
Organizers as well as events planned for the June 16th, 2007 in those
participating States)

Washington DC & U.S. Events Calendar
(Additional information will be provided as we grow closer to the event date.)
(Additional Speakers to be added as schedules are worked out.)

June 14th (D.C)- "Flag Day" A Flag Day celebration with a focus towards the
victims of Illegal Immigration is the focus this day. In their honor, F.I.R.E.
Coalition will be hosting "Operation Body Count" which includes the names of
victims of pedophile illegal immigration being the main focus. This is a solemn
event and it is asked that everyone participating respect this fact. It is requested
that those present bring primarily American flags. In addition will be tribute to the
Border Patrol agents who are America 's POW in this fight for our country. Also an
remembrance and a moment of silence will be conducted to honor the fallen
patriots who have died defending our country, its flag and Constitution.

Event Times: 12pm - 4pm
Event Location: (To be announced)
Additional Information:
· A tribute will be conducted to the Border Patrol agents (Ramos/Compean &
Hernandez) who are America 's POW in this fight for our country.
· American Flags requested only on this day.
· This is a solemn event and we ask those present to respect this element.

June 15th (D.C.)- "All American Day" Presentations and protest on topics
which affect our Nation. The focus on this day is to Protest the North American
Union, the SPP and the TTC in addition to standing up for the Rights of the
American Worker. Speeches given will be to show the tie in of the NAU with Illegal

Event Times: 10am - 2pm
Event Location: (To be announced)
Speakers include:
· Bill Still
· Margaret Meade
· Dan Sheehy
· Katherine Albright
· Virgil Goode
· Special Guest Speakers.
Additional Information:

June 16th (U.S.A)- "Secure Borders March for America ". Key speakers
will lend their voices across our Nation to speak for the citizens of the United
States of America . Americans in D.C. and in participating states will march in
unison to their Capitals throughout our nation to present to our Government the
foundation upon which this country was founded, "The U.S. Constitution" and the
"Blood and sweat of the American Citizen", to remind our Government of where
their loyalties should lie.

Nationwide Times:
· East Coast 1pm - 6pm EST
· Central 12pm - 5pm CST
· Mountain 11am - 4pm MST
· West Coast 10am - 3pm PST

D.C. Information:
Event Times: 1pm - 5pm
Event Location: (To be announced)
Speakers include:
· Chris Simcox - MCDC Founder
· Rick Biesada - Chicago Minutemen
· Don Goldwater - AZ Minutemen
· Ruth Heindricks - MINNSIR
· Helen Schnell - Private Citizen
· Miguel Cruz - You Don't Speak For Me
· Chelene Nightingale - Save Our State
· Ted Hayes - Crispus Attack Brigade Civil Rights Leader
· John Martin - Musician
· Peter Gadiel - 911 Families For A Secure America
· Michelle Dallacroce - Mothers Against Illegal Immigrants
· Jason Mrochek - Fire Coalition
· Jeff Lewis - Fire Coalition
· Carl Two Feathers Whitaker - TN Politician
· Scott Smith - Author, Lawyer
· Special Guest Speakers
Additional Information: Focus is on stopping legal status of any kind or amnesty
for illegal aliens.

Confirmed Groups/Organizations
9-11 Families for a Secured
Alamo Alliance
American Citizens First
American Freedom Riders -
American Freedom Riders-
SWFL. Brigade
Anti-Illegal Immigration Events
Border Census
Chicago Minutemen
Citizens Against Illegal Aliens
Conservative Caucus
Desert Invasion U.S.
F.I.R.E. Coalition
Georgia Minutemen
Golden Gate Minutemen
Granny Warriors
Grassroots of Yakima Valley
Homemakers of America
Iowa Minutemen
Kentucky Minutemen
Lonestar Minutemen
Minutemen Midwest
Minnesotans Seeking
Immigration Reform
Minnesota Minutemen
Minnesota F.I.R.E. Coalition
Minutemen Civic Defense Corp
Mothers Against Illegal Aliens
Official Proud American Citizens
Pahrump Minutemen
Patriot Watchdog
Protect Our Borders
Riders Against Illegal Aliens
Save Our State
Stop SmartPort
Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen
& Women
Texas Revolution Party
The United Citizens of America
Washingtonians for Immigration
Reform (WFIR)
You Don't Speak For Me

Confirmed Speakers
Kathryn Albrecht - (DC)
(Best-Selling Author of "Spychips")
Andy Anderson - (FL)
Rick Biesada - (DC)
(Chicago Minutemen Project Founder)
Miguel Cruz - (DC)
(You Don't Speak For Me)
Michelle Dallacroce- (DC)
(Mothers Against Illegal Aliens -
Russ Dove - (AZ)
(Editor, Truth in Action Web Site)
Diane Evertsen- (IL)
(Midwest Minutemen)
Evert Evertsen - (IL)
(Midwest Minutemen)
Peter Gadiel - (DC)
(9/11 Familes For A Secure America )
Don Goldwater- (DC)
Rep. Virgil Goode - (DC)
(Representative - Virginia)
Ted Hayes - (DC)
Ruthie Hendricks - (DC)
Debbie Heon - (DC)
Cindy Kolb
Russell Landry - (FL)
(Citizens Against Illegal Aliens)
Jeff Lewis - (DC)
(Operation Body Count)
Tom Maklin - (FL)
John Martin - (DC)
Ruthie Miller - (DC)
Jason Mrochek - (DC)
J.T. Ready - (DC)
Margaret Meade - (DC)
Dan Sheehy - (DC)
(Author "Fighting Immigration
Chris Simcox - (DC)
Helen. S. - (DC)
Scott Smith - (DC)
Bill Still - (DC)
Joyce Tarnow- (FL)
S.D. Wheeler - (TX)
Carl Twofeathers Whitaker- (DC)
Brent Zdun - (FL)

We Need You!
We need all Patriot Americans everyone to join their efforts in unison for one day
and to stand up for their country.

Spread the Word!
We are in need of your help to spread the word about this event nationwide to get
more people signed up to participate in D.C., their States or from their homes.
Please use the following link located at http://www.lframerica.com/march2.html to
promote the March For America.

LFRA is asking that people sign-up on their website to let them know how many
people are expected to be coming. If you wish to attend either the D.C. or any
State events, we ask that you sign up in advance by using the following link...

If you are a leader of a group or organization and would like to offer your groups
participation at the March For America event either in DC or in the various States,
please use the following form to sign up your group/organization.

We request all group/organization leaders to please consider being available for
interviews with the various media participating during June 14th-16th. Please
bring any materials you wish to have presented to the Media with you to the
March For America event. If you would like to be interviewed to speak out for your
group or organization on the days of the March For America event, please contact
us at http://www.lframerica.com/contact.html so we can add you to the list for the
Media sources.

LFRA does request that credit be given where credit is due. As the March For
America is possible only through a collaboration of many groups, organizations
and individuals working together in unity, we must ask that no set
group/organization or individual attempt to take all credit but rather make it
known as a joint effort of many.

Media Personalities Desired.
If you happen to have your own media outlet, we are seeking your participation in
the "Media March". If there is any hope to get the word out to American's about
what is happening to this country it is through you that this hope exists. As we
seek to make this one of the largest Media covered events to date, and to bring
together a great number of Media sources to speak out across America we need
you to join the "Media March" in DC and across our country on June 14th-16th.
Even if you are unable to attend at the National or State capitals during this time
you can still aid in carrying the voices of the people across the air waves, internet
and through various other media sources.

LFRA will provide a portable tent in which all Media sources can set up their
stations for convience during the March For America events. The location of this
media tent will be made known closer to the date of the event for security reasons.

If you do plan to attend in DC please bring any materials you wish to use to aid in
advertising your media source to the general public. If you so chose you may
also provide for LFRA any links or materials you would like to see published on our
website and in the March For America materials.

In addition please consider opening your airways and articles to allow for
interviews with various organizations, groups and prominent individuals who have
worked hard and taken the time to stand up and support our country.

If you would be willing to aid in the Media March at any level, please contact us at
www.lframerica.com/contact.html with your intentions and support.

Bloggers Appreciated.
We would appreciate the participation of bloggers, website owners, and those with
other internet sources willing to cover the March events in D.C. and the various
States. While location (outside) and situations do not allow for us to be able to
offer a large scale blogger operation on location we believe with enough sources
moving the information forward rapidly we can still accomplish the same results.
What we need is:
· Individuals with laptop computers run off batteries to record the events in
DC and the various States to post the starter posts on specific sites and to
their personal contacts.
· Individuals stationed from home to take the time to relay the starter
materials posted on various sites to other sites and contacts.
Homebound bloggers are welcome to participate by adding information to their
own blogs, or through forwarding the blogs of others to their own personal contacts
as well as across the web.

If you are able to provide your time, resources and abilities to this cause please
contact us at www.lframerica.com/contact.html.

Lobbyists Welcome.
If you and your group/organization are interested in lobbying while you are in
D.C. your home State(s), or from your desk chair in your home during the March
for America your efforts would be welcome. The more citizens we have taking
measure for America during this time the more likeliness we have we might be
heard and supported.

If you are planning to physically attend the D.C. or State March events, please
remember to contact your Congressional and/or Local Representatives prior to the
event to inform their staff you wish to make an appointment during your stay.

LFRA understands that you will be interested in speaking to the Media during your
lobbying efforts. We do request that everyone be sure to give credit where credit
is due regarding the March For America event with any of your media or press
correspondence. As the March For America event is a collaboration of numerous
groups, organizations and individuals who have united together to make this
event possible we strongly state that no one individual, group or organization
should attempt to claim full credit, but rather should make it clearly known that
the March is a united effort of many.

From The Home Front.
For those supporting from the home front, do not allow your voices to be silenced.
Here are some suggestions of ways you can aid during the March For America
· Contact Legislative offices at National and State levels through phone, fax
and e-mails to let them know your stance and to encourage them to come
March along side American citizens in support of their country.
· Display the American flag from your windows (house, apartment, car)
· Write letters to editors to be published on the day of the March for America
· Write snail-mail letters and send them out to arrive in your representative
offices during the time frame of the March.
· If you live in a retirement community of communal structure
establishment, contact and get with other residents to hold your own
protests within the community. Remember to contact the media to get
publicity for it, it can't hurt to try...
· Wear red/white/blue if you go out in public.
· Contact others in the same situation as you in your community and ask
them to participate as well.
· Be creative, just do something.
Rally & Exterior Events Rules

LFRA Rules
* Play nice with others! Regardless of race, religion or region of our Nation. View
those who fight this battle with you as brothers/sisters in this battle to Secure our
Nation back for the American Citizens.

* Understand that this is a United Effort . This means that people from all groups
and organizations fighting the same cause or sister causes are free to use this
site, resources and activities including setting up activities of their own. If you
have a personal hangup with how one or another group or it's members operate,
that is your personal hangup and does not belong here. This is not the time for
separation but unification.

* Stick to the causes. While your group might have numerous causes they are
working for. LFRA at present is about Illegal Aliens, La Reconquista/Aztlan,
Outsourcing, and Corrupt Politics. This does not say your other causes are not just
as important, but at present time these are our primary causes we will be focusing
on and our countries biggest threats.

* Right to bear arms/not bear arms. This is a topic which LFRA will say this much
on and no more on the subject. Everyone has a right to protect themselves, but at
the March For America event these items must not be present on your person.
This includes Tasers.

* The only acceptable flags that shall be flown are United States honoring flags.

* No Drugs/No drinking during March Event hours.

* No Harrassment/Taunting designed to invoke negative action or response from
the opposition. In same light do not respond to any taunts designed to lure you
out from opposition.

* Obey the Laws - Enough said.

National Park Service Rules
The following Rules are established by the National Park Service and are expected
to be followed by all participants during the March For America event.

Simplified Version:
* Nothing except shoes may be allowed to touch the ground with single exception
of a sign that is no more then three feet from your person.
* Nothing should be placed in boxes, neither shall empty boxes be permitted.
* No Tripods, no boxes, no chairs, no balloons permitted.
* No blocking of sidewalks, walkways, or roadways permitted.
* No amplification devises or blow horns.
* Sign messages must conform to stated agenda/purpose for the March Event. If
there is any doubt to the purpose it is best to just bring an American flag.
* Parking must be in designated, public parking places only.
* No items may be attached to any tree, plant or structure.
* No camping or camping equipment is allowed.

Long Version:
Please see details at www.lframerica.com under “March for America ”.

Odds and Ends

Media Tent
A media tent will be erected in a centralized location to host all Media sources.
Information, articles and schedules will be made available as well as participating
group and organizations materials for convenience.

Port-A-Potties will be made available during the duration of the March. Please
consider making a donation to aid in offsetting the cost of rental.

Food & Drink
Food and drink vendors are not permitted. Please plan your meals accordingly
and bring a source of liquid with you to avoid dehydration. (We are searching for
a source to provide bottled water but have not been able to obtain one at this

Contact Information
If you have any questions or are in need of help or information, please contact us.

Event & Media Relations Director
Melissa Gardner
Director email: mgardner@lframerica.com
Director Phone: 916-339-3167 (PST)

Suzanne Wise
Director email: swise@lframerica.com
Operations Phone: 281-354-4346 (CST)

Thank you for your participation at whatever level you are able in the March For
America. We look forward to marching beside you nationwide as we move to
protect and secure our country.

 Post subject: Re: March for America events June 14, 15, 16
PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 8:30 am 

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Cheree wrote:
There's something here for everyone! If you can't go to D.C., you can still organize events in your home town! Take charge! Do something! Spread the word!


You are cordially invited:

The final steps are being put into place for the March For America this
June. Your aid and participation are appreciated to guarantee this will
be a successful and productive event.
Here is the lastest news on the March For America event.

AWESOME! Count me in!

"Illegal" is NOT a race.

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If you have a few dollars to spare, LFRA is still accepting donations for the March for the following items.

A suitable sound system
A conference room for media, lobbyists and bloggers.
Ability to get the wives of the Texas Three (Ramos, Compean, and Hernandez) to D.C. on the 14th.

Check out the unique way they have for raising some moola! It will have you "flushed" with excitement!!!

http://www.lframerica.com/buckforluck.html :lol:

www.sheetsbrigade.org - Providing a touch of home to our troops.

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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2007 8:57 am 

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Is there anything going on at the state capitol in Indiana for the March for America? I see where Illinois is covered, but I don't see anything for Indiana.


www.sheetsbrigade.org - Providing a touch of home to our troops.

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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 12:02 pm 
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IFIRE will be joining the March for America with a protest rally in Indianapolis on Sat. June 16.

Details can be found in the Calendar of Events at this link:

Hope to see you there!!!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:14 pm 
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March for America in DC Update - Location moved

MCDC has representatives today at the March for America in Washington, DC. They have dealt with the unfortunate inconvenience caused to this patriotic event by having to move the location. The new location is now on the corner of 17th and Constitution next to the Washington Monument Park. They are encouraged in that they see mounted police standing watch over them! They see portal potties for use in the immediate area for your convenience.

Tomorrow and Saturday's times will remain the same: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Please notify family or friends who may have traveled to DC and may not have access to their email to receive this notification of the location being moved!! Call them and let them know it is on the corner of 17th and Constitution next to the Washington Monument Park!

Chris Simcox will speak at 1:30 pm tomorrow, Friday, June 15th and Phoenix Chapter Director, Don Goldwater, will speak on Saturday, June 16th. We hope all MCDC volunteers can support this cause, get out and rally on these days and continue to send our message to Congress:


They will also be speaking with members of the House and Senate, today and tomorrow, as we battle this shamnesty legislation. Please continue to call your Senators!

Just as important as securing our borders, our congress must take a firm stand on the true meaning of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which was never intended to reward lawbreakers by granting unrestricted birthright citizenship to everyone. As much as holding employers accountable for following legal hiring practices is a deterrent to those who would enter our country illegally, denying birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens will also prove an effective disincentive and will help deter the mass invasion of the United States over our under-protected borders.

Please participate in your state's March on Saturday, June 16th and "March for America".

LFRA has published information on their website, in regards to this historic event, located at http://www.lframerica.com/march2.html.

Americans nationwide march forth in unison to offer their direct opposition to Amnesty. Key speakers will lend their voices across our Nation to speak for the citizens of the United States of America to tell our government America will not accept this bill, and to remind our Government where their loyalties should lie the "The U.S. Constitution" and the "Blood and sweat of the American Citizens.

Sincerely for America,

Chris Simcox
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps


Let Freedom Ring America (LFRA) Press Release

In a historic event, for the first time Americans are gathering en mass across our Nation to converge upon Washington D.C. and their State capitols. An unprecedented number of groups/organizations and American citizens are marching forth in unity, to bring through united voices a message from the American public to the lawmakers that Americans need and demand the securing and protecting of their borders, legal citizens rights placed first and foremost, and an accurate accounting of illegal aliens within the United States of America before any comprehensive immigration enforcement can be set in place.

LFRA has published information on their website, in regards to this historic event, located at http://www.lframerica.com/march2.html . "Our Nation's borders need securing, our legal citizens protecting, and our Nations Constitution upheld. The American people have for too long been crying for the U.S. government to back them only to be denied at every turn." says Suzanne Wise, of LFRA . "American citizens and those trying to become citizens legally, should never be forced to the back of the bus while those here because they broke and continue to disregard our countries Code of Law are given the front seats." We, as a nation, we do not need a repeat of history. If this Legislation can not back its legal American citizens and protect this country at its borders, then this Legislation is failing and must be stopped.

The efforts in DC will be supported by American citizens who are planning to go to Washington D.C, their State capitols, or remaining and offering their support at the home front by the tens of thousands. At present a total of 46 groups and organizations as well as 32 speakers are signed up to be in attendance to offer their aid to the March For America. The events will begin on Thursday, June 14th in Washington D.C. with the kick off of Operation Body Count sponsored by Patriot Watchdog and FIRE, and conclude on the 16th with a united march nationwide. In addition radio show hosts and bloggers will be active in keeping American patriots up to date on events and calling for all Americans to join in the efforts to speak up for their country.

The March For America movement is open to any non-racist wishing to participate to come stand side-by-side with such groups as the Minutemen Civil Defense Corp, 9-11 Families For A Secured America, F.I.R.E. Coalition, Grassfire, NY ICE, You Don't Speak For Me, and many others in D.C. and at various State capitols.

Suzanne Wise
CEO/Operations LFRA
Tel1: (916) 339-3167
Tel2: (281) 354-4346

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